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The side antagonist in Pirates! Band of Misfits/Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists.

Black Bellamy

  1. Bounty : 50,000 doubloons
  2. BFFS: Peg-leg Hastings and Cutlass Liz
  3. His target is to win the Pirate Of The Year awards and to 'take down' his mortal nemesis, and beloved rival, the protagonist of the movie.
  4. Black Bellamy's personality and attitude can be heavily compared to anime protagonist, Bakugou Katsuki. Although his personality is much more 'pacificist' than Bakugou's, their obsession with winning and their constant bullying of one, specific, person is rather similar. (Referring to an old bully version of Bakugou instead of what has happened in the manga.)
  5. He is considered to be a Bisexual icon.
  6. He is very similar to the Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss icons of Regina George and Heather Chandler. Dies in a tragedy but still is a selfish, heartless prick.
  7. He has a hashtag on Instagram called #daddysharkcult🦈 where you can post fanart and memes of him (please post stuff with that hashtag, I'm getting thirsty for new content that I don't want to make myself.)
  8. Everyone simps for him. Except for the sophisticated ones of the fandom.

Just a pretty picture of Black Bellamy

"Read it and weep, you coves. That's right! Black Bellamy is gonna be the Pirate Of The Year! ..Again."

Black Bellamy is the secondary antagonist of the movie. He's the richest pirate of the Seven Seas, multi-winner of the Pirate Of The Year Award and the long-term nemesis of the Pirate Captain and the Pirate with a Scarf. At the beginning of the movie, Bellamy had the highest bounty of all them pirates.


Bellamy is a nasty, cruel and mischievous man who is the sort of pirate who makes dramatic entrances by surfing across sea of gold coughed up by a whale, he wants nothing more than to push the Pirate Captain's buttons, which is something he excels at.


The Pirate Captain[]

The Pirate Captain is Bellamy's long-time nemesis who always denies the Pirate Captain the Pirate Of The Year award and calls him a loser at every turn and moment. In the plot of the movie, the Pirate Captain arrives to Blood Island, thinking that he'll win the POTY awards this time. But after the entrance of Pegleg Hastings and Cutlass Liz, Bellamy shows up out of a whale and starts showing off his treasure to all the patrons of the bar, including the Pirate Captain, where then the infamous Pirate Trio then starts bullying him for not being the same level as them.

At the end of the movie, he was seen in Barnacle's face siting and jealously looking the new Wanted of the Pirate Captain with Pegleg Hastings and Cutlass Liz in the background. Then, the Pirate King shows up and takes the award away from him because he is no longer worthy of the award due to the Pirate Captain's new found infamy.

The Pirate King[]

Bellamy isn’t a winner of the Pirate Of The Year Awards because he always brings the biggest booty of all Pirates and because he is the most famous Pirate on the Seven Seas, the Pirate Captain always tries to win the Awards. When he shows the audience and the Pirate King that the Captain has been pardoned and is therefore no longer a pirate, he swipes away the Award and he was happy that he's taken down the Pirate Captain again.

"If you've been pardoned, then technically, you're no longer a pirate! And if you're no longer a really can't win Pirate of the Year, now can you?"

The Pirate with a Scarf[]

The Pirate with a Scarf is Bellamy's ex-boyfriend. While their relationship is mostly left unacknowledged on-screen, the entirety of their relationship is covered in Pirates! In an Adventure with Pints and Pining. Over time, Scarf grew more uncomfortable with this solution, and their relationship began to grow bitter and abusive, especially since Bellamy began to give less affection and time towards their relationship.

In Chapter 3, in another flashback to the past, Scarf was wounded in battle, being stabbed through the side. While the crew made sure to tend to his wounds, Bellamy remained absent throughout his recovery. When Scarf confronts him about this, Bellamy dismisses his feelings and even criticizes him for "overreacting", tipping Scarf over the edge and resulting in the fight that would end their relationship.

Before leaving, Scarf says he never wanted to be near Bellamy again, not as a lover or a friend.

Other Pirates[]

Bellamy doesn't care so much for the other Pirates because he think only for himself and his reputation, he only want to win the Awards and become so much popular than the other Pirates on the all Seven Seas and that everyone fears of him.

Bellamy's Giant Whale[]

Bellamy just uses his whale to make breathtaking entrances and that is it.