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Charles Darwin is an English scientist known for discoveries and confirming the theory of evolution.

Charles Darwin doing his ratty smile, while being black-listed by Scarf

In The Movie, Charles Darwin is on his ship, The Beagle, writing in his diary feeling depressed for being alone, after that Darwin gets captured by the pirates. This leads Charles Darwin to spot Polly the dodo, which he will plan to steal her to impress the scientists in 'Scientist of the Year' awards so he could get a girlfriend. So, he tricks The Pirate Captain that in exchange that if the captain goes to the science show in London to present Polly, then he in turn will be rich and famous and winning the 'Pirate of the Year' awards. Pirate with a Scarf, the First Mate , saw this as a threat to his captain and the pirate crew as London is a place where all pirates get executed but Charles went on to encourage Pirate Captain anyways, which makes the First Mate to feel very suspicious about him.

It is revealed Charles Darwin stole Polly so he could present it to Queen Victoria because he is "hopelessly smitten with her", therefore making him a certified simp.


"I thought if I could get her the dodo, then she might like me..."

Later on, Charles got cucked by Queen Victoria in various ways like throwing him down the garbage chute like the trash he is, and also getting knocked the living daylights out of him with a frying pan, obviously showing Queen Victoria did not like him back and rather find him annoying asf as her main goal was only Polly. At some point, Charles Darwin seems to finally understand her selfish actions and what they meant, so he lets Queen Victoria fall and get squashed by giant barrels of vinegar. At the end of the credits, Charles is sent to Galapagos to discover many animals including the Galapagos tortoise. As Darwin continues his search, he soon stumbles upon a bar with female Hawaiian hula hula dancers, whom he tries to impress with a bouquet of flowers, still trying his luck to get a girlfriend.